Advantages and Disadvantages of Online News

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The man has always found something to gossip about or well created it. Eventually, he started to spread it. Taking an instance, in countries like India, people traveled long distances to spread different poetries, songs, events, and stories too far off places. Little did that man know that this art of spreading information to distant places could actually give birth to a massive network of transferring information worldwide; NEWS! Stories, events came printed on papers. This era continued and then came the era of television came and updated and broadcasted news over TV channels. But now is a different case; the emergence of the internet era. The Internet has revolutionized the way news is presented and there are many advantages of submitting the business news online.

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We have always heard about the telepathy power of some saints. Somewhat same is what internet has brought in effect; Online news that is, reading news online. The news is basically read from applications installed on your smartphone; maybe right beside you now, or in your personal computers. This may be known to some people and many more may not know what it is. However, there are several advantages to online news.

Let us see some of the advantages to get a deep understanding of what it is:

  • Easy to access: Most people are having smartphones and internet connection. What it needs is to download any news channel app (applications) of your choice in your phone or computers and just get started. One can access these news channels quite anywhere and is easily understandable. They are also available according to different language preferences. Being online, you can also search for the meaning of difficult words.
  • Free and fast: These apps are free and very fast. This means businesses can grow by sending press releases to the journalists for faster publication. This thus, adds to the advantages of press releases Their fast delivery is helpful in boosting the growth of the business.
  • Fast updating: As everything is online, so these apps are constantly being updated and gets you notifications about the different incoming news without any delay. The update is done in a proper way so that people can get regular updates.
  • Eco-friendly: Reading news online reduces the count of trees being cut down to waste papers in printing newspapers. Nothing is published on the paper which adds to another advantage of online news
  • Vivid information: Online news comprises of different news on different topics which may not be available in newspapers and even may not be broadcasted on televisions. The news comes from even a small part of the world and may be of any event which is not as significant to others. Readers also have an option to read news based on topics like sports, technology, science, fashion, Hollywood, politics etc.

As everything has a positive side as well as a negative side, let us now see some of the disadvantages of online news:

  • Increase in unemployment of newspaper vendors and related workers: Online news transfer, editing is under top journalists, editors but what about those people earning a living by selling newspapers which are fast vanishing.
  • Increase in health issues: Reading online news need constant looking in phones or computers which can have a prolonged effect on the brains, spines, and eyes.
  • Connectivity error: A place where internet connection is not present, reading news online is a big no. No internet connection means no news. Even it is all blank when the weather is a bit harsh. And sometimes even the website may crash that may not be operational for a long time.
  • Hoax information: online data has always been affected by hoax information that is false news. This could lead to confusion and is the worst disadvantage of online news.

Therefore, online news is a more convenient way as it supports affordability and more accessibility to online news. However, where there are so many advantages of online news, some of the situations also prove that there are some serious disadvantages of online news as well such as the spread of a fake news.