Benefits of Press Release and News Submission Online

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The press release is the most widely accepted promotional medium for businesses and announcements of products or services. With the advent of the Internet, the press release has been taking the center stage for communication and information dissemination. With relevant keywords and SEO optimized content, today press release has been pushing businesses to the right audience at a lightning speed.

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In the ever-evolving business complexities of today, the historically successful and traditional tool- the press release is becoming data-driven. The rise of Internet has been making it simpler to analyze the press release campaign impact data such as reach, views, reads and demography etc.; and which is helping the businesses to strategies and execute promotional campaigns more accurately way ever.

News Submission Online

This article will through lights on various key benefits of the press release and news submission online for the businesses in current digital age. Before jumping into that, let’s revisit the basics of a press release.
By nature, a press release is formally written a document for the press or media with a newsworthy announcement which can be published on newspapers, magazines, online news portals for the readers or broadcasted on television or radio channels for the targeted viewers. A per rule, reporters or editors keeps the final rights on the communication of a press release information to the audience based on the editorial policies and its newsworthiness. The ideal length of the press should not be more than two pages.

Benefits of Press Release

When We Should Use A Press Release?
Based on the type of organization or business, the below-listed situations (but not limited to) can be communicated via press release.
• Company or business-related communications such as expansions, strategic partnerships, merger & acquisition, restructuring, new investments, new locations, new management appointments can be announced with a press release
• Product launch or introduction related announcements such as new products or brands, an appointment of a brand ambassador or opening of new retail outlet worth a press release
• Initiations of community engagement programs, awards or, and research or financial results announcement needs a press release communication
Regardless of size or industry of an organization, press release campaign and online submission are immensely beneficial for the visibility and brand awareness of a business. Let’s explore six exceptional benefits of a press release.

Major Reasons To Submit Business News

Provides Instant Exposure: Content is the king and online submission or distribution is known as queen in today’s digital world. Adoption of press release strategy is the fastest and cost-efficient way to reach out to the target audience via multiple distribution sites and reporters. A press release initiate trusts among the public as these are published on trusted third-party websites and news portals by reporters and journalists.

Intensifies Sales Potential: In addition to building initial trusts among the target audience, press release strategy can be adopted across various instances as mentioned above such as business-related announcements, product launches, employee engagement announcements and awards &recognitions etc. Such a strategy helps in building ongoing credibility and top of mind recall among the target audience. This, after all, boosts the sales potential of the products and services of a particular business.

Increase Marketing Campaign Effectiveness: Traditionally, media activities and press release campaigns work as a support activity towards acceleration of marketing campaigns of a business or an organization. According to a study by Marketing Profs, more than 70% of global marketers rely on content marketing to generate sales leads. This is the power of press release and online submission in the digital age.

Helps in Establishing Thought Leadership: Continuous and sustained press release efforts build credibility and trust in the filed you and your business is operating. That’s when people follow you and looks up to you as an industry expert or a thought leader of the particular field.

Get More Visitors to Your Website: According to industry reports, more than 800 million people across the globe use the Internet daily and consumes tonnes of exciting news stories & reports. A bunch of them are your target audience or existing and prospective customers. An insightful press release on your new product or business achievement will lure them to visit your website repeatedly.

Great SEO Benefits: Your consecutively published press releases across various media outlets provides you the numerous backlinks for your website. These backlinks will immensely help in the SEO initiatives of your business website.

In the Internet age, as a marketing tool, the press release has been ever evolving. Do share your experiences, if you are embracing press release as the prime promotional tools for your business.


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