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Logic Research and Solutions is the best SEO company in India. Avail online marketing and professional SEO Services to get business-oriented results. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which offers to increase the organic traffic to your website in search engine results. The demand for SEO services is increasing continuously.
There are many benefits to implement Search Engine Optimization on your website.

Benefits Of SEO

SEO offers significant traffic increases without spending money on paid ads. You will receive a majority of the impressions and clicks from various search engines. It is an effective and best marketing strategy to get an organic audience and increase revenue.

SEO Services Pune
SEO Services India

On-Page Ranking Factors for SEO

Content of Page
The content of a page is very important and makes it worthy of a search result position. From an SEO perspective create good content linkable. Quality unique content supplies a demand to get an idea about information and present it properly is affected in results.

On page keyword-optimized page titles and headings, great content offers real value to your target audience. help your audience find the information they want.

Title tags are also important for on-page optimization for SEO.

The right page URL format is also one of the most important of the given website is reflected in other URLs.

An alt tag, also known as “alt attribute” is applied to image tags matter to improve ranking in search engines.

SEO Techniques

Off-Page Ranking SEO Factors

Offpage Optimization By using various with promotion methods one can increase ranking a website in the search results.

Create as many high-quality backlinks and Social Media Marketing as possible to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page.
Guest post writing for another blog or leave a comment is one of the best methods of Offpage site promotion.

SEO Techniques

An SEO strategy can provide trackable and attribute values to your lead conversions. The main component of any SEO strategy is to link building from relevant and reputable websites.

One of the biggest parts of work SEO professional person is to identify opportunities for business coverage on industry blogs, news publications, and other relevant sites.

Your content marketing of publications offers influencers to talk about your company and a huge opportunity. You can use link building to find new potential customers and clients and get your brand in front of consumers.

Brand Awareness – When your keywords are in the top position on search engine result pages you will not only get more exposure for your website but also perceived to be more trustworthy to increase brand. Top position rankings result more impressions will improve your branding.

Keyword Optimization

You should focus on keywords with high search volume and low competition to get fast results.
It will be a more effective way to focus on long tail keyword, with less competition.
If you will focus on extremely high search volume keyword, it is not easy to get in the top of the search results of Google, Bing, Yahoo, Etc in a short time for a new site.

SEO Expert India

SEO is a long-term strategy so if your company has the capacity to appoint an SEO team as an employee then no issue. If you cannot afford it you have to outsource SEO company. SEO consulting agency will provide you a detailed plan and packages to implement. SEO services company will work on your site to evaluate each and every factor impacting its rankings and work on the identified priorities.

SEO Pricing and Packages

SEO Services Pricing
SEO packages totally depend upon your type of business, requirement, the capacity of investment.
There are many companies offers Outsource SEO services you have check not only affordable SEO services, but you should also want to focus on results and success.
Before you outsource SEO company in India, please make ensure to check the best affordable SEO services in India. We will help to increase your rankings, maximize results & sales at competitive prices.

Reporting and analysis
Finally, an SEO specialist will audit site, audience, targeted keywords, client’s competitors, site assessment. regularly monitor and analyze the results of your website.

SEO Tools

There are many Free SEO tools available online such as Plagiarism Checker, Article rewriter, Keyword density checker, page speed check, Grammar Check, Keyword Analyzer, Keyword Overview Tool, Keyword Difficulty Checker, Word Counter, and Spell Checker and much more.

SEO Market Forecast

SEO Services
SEO Services

The SEO market demand is increasing continuously day by day because the user of internet and mobile rapidly increased. SEO Industry Approaching $80 Billion and the CAGR will grow by 12%
Global SEO market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.5% from 2019 Forecast to 2023

Why Choose Us

Logic Research and solutions have more than 12 years of experience in SEO services company in Pune.  When you have the best and expert team with you then only you can think to appoint SEO Employees. Outsourcing search engine optimization offers several benefits. You can focus on other aspects of your business. Search engine optimization is not a simple task. When you are looking best results, think for the long term about your business and outsource it.
We will work on every single aspect and take efforts towards marketing on the internet for perfect results.

Outsource SEO Services
Outsource SEO Services

Why Outsource SEO Services
1) Cheaper Than In-House
2) Cost Effective
3) Save Your Precious Time
4) No Learning Curve
5) To Achieve High Return on Investment
6) No need to get Right Skills And Experience
7) Improve Your Social Media Strategies


Outsource SEO Services and allow yourself to start on new ventures. You can concentrate on the other aspects of your daily business affairs. Just monitor the workflow and chart to get results idea. You can increase branding, internet marketing, updated website at the most affordable cost.


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