Boost Your Immune System to Fight The Corona Virus


I would like to suggest having 2-3 times a day lemon tea, green tea or black tea instead of tea with milk for the coming 15 -20 days.

As per the information Doctor Li Wenliang, a well-known doctor in China who was convicted of telling the world about the Coronavirus, cited the case papers for further research while researching the Covid-19 virus. Chemical compounds such as methylxanthine thiobromine and theophylline can stimulate the human body. Which helps to remove the virus from your body.
These viruses can be removed from the body of an average immune system with the help of these chemicals. Even more striking is the fact that these chemicals, which are so difficult to pronounce and difficult for Chinese people to understand, are called tea in India.

Green tea

Yes. Your daily tea Alredi contains all the chemicals in which methylxanthine stimulates the body’s caffeine. The tea contains two compounds such as the second thiobromine and theophylline, which the tea plant naturally produces to keep it from attacking germs and other animals.
Who would have realized that they are all available in tea and they can fight the virus and that is the reason why so many patients in China are healing. The staff at the hospital in China is giving tea to such patients three times a day as a medicine. Because of this, people are recovering in Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, and the spread of the virus has almost stopped.

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