Brazil Real Estate Market

Brazil real estate market

The Brazilian property price now is getting low and no buying restriction for the foreigners. Brazil’s tourism industry is booming and property price is also low. For investment purpose, Brazil property is a good choice. Even economy and politics also got change recently. So it took some time to stabilize the economy and now it is growing rapidly every year. As per the economic expert, this country will dominate the whole world economy in the next decade.

Reason to buy property in Brazil:

Brazil government has put much effort to encourage foreign buyers to buy the property. The government made restriction free for foreign investors. Anyone can buy property in Brazil. For everyone is the same rule whether the purchaser is a foreigner or not. But for the other country foreigners has a restriction for all these.

There is one more facility like foreigner gets very attractive tax options. Full tax reduction or 0% on purchase tax for non-residents or foreigners. Along with this property has to be a sale on a freehold basis so the buyer will get 100% land holding authority.

Brazilian government keeps property investment in the top priority. Many foreigners prefer to go to Brazil for a vacation, so the demand for the holiday residence and villas rents are growing continuously. According to the visa policy, permanent residence can be permitted only to the retired person who has a certain pension amount. Generally, housing demand is high in Brazil. Currently, the country does not have many homes but the number is increasing slowly. By next year it will have more potential.

Where to buy property in Brazil:

Brazil Real estate market is a fast-growing market in the world. It has all verities of property which suit the budget and taste. Currently, property price is low but coming years it will be double.

Brazil has beach houses at a reasonable price. The price depends on the area. The area which is good for investment purpose that is the North East place in Brazil. Property prices are going up there now. In the future mostly your investment will be double.

If an investor is planning to buy in the larger city, the price will be definitely high but it will be still less than European and US level. It is worth buying property in Brazil. It is very affordable and good for long-term investments.

Some tips for Foreign Investors to buy land or property in Brazil:

Seek reliable legal guidance: Investors must use a reliable lawyer who knows about Brazil market property rate. The investor must hire the layer who is accredited by the Ordem Dos Advogados Do Brasil. Brazil layer will have more connection to society as this is his own country.

Buyer must know the rights as a foreign investor: Actually, there is no barrier which can prevent foreigners from purchase Brazil residential property and Brazil commercial property. Even foreigner can buy land in Brazil. Some investors have a future plan to build flats with comfortable
Some restriction is availed in some locations like land, islands, agricultural land, international borders, etc. For buying land these places investors must check properly with there legal advisors.

Whenever investors are purchasing land or building he has to buy from a good housing development company and need to register property correctly. If the investor is planning to buy land for building property, then it required more research. It is mandatory to register private notary publics, under justice control.

Growth and opportunity

Brazil has taken place in the tourist place list. As per the BRIC economies, Brazil will be a good powerhouse in the future. Brazil also celebrates FIFA World Cup 2014 awards. They won that awards.

With all these property market is growing well in Brazil. Most of the foreigners are investing and it will be a succession of new development. so many local Brazilian likes to spend their holidays on the beach. So these places are developing fast compare to other places in Brazil. Even the developer tapped this market.

Real estate price is getting increased due to the sports event. For this investors are taking advantage through buying property early. Though the global economy is uncertain as per forecast property price will rise significantly next ten years.

Buying land in Brazil is also a business and it is going on from the past few years. Brazil has no such place where an investor can buy the land and sell it off in the next few days. Investors need to keep this for a few years and if they want they can build villas and can add the value of their investment.

Brazil started doing some development. Such as,

On the empty land, Brazil government made a beautiful landscape garden. It will make full land, surrounding very natural.
Investors are stat making low-rise villas and building.
The government has put new rainwater or greywater harvesting. Even wind power utilization also added newly to sustainable land development.
According to Brazil Real estate market forecast, house price rise on a yearly basis. Brazil has a direct flight so the investors get direct access. Across Brazil has so many properties including residential and commercial sectors which investors buy at a low price and looking to take advantage in future on Brazil property market. 


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