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Looking for residential or commercial property in Chennai? Find Real Estate Chennai as per your need for rent, buy or sell. With the day by day rise in population the rate of property in Chennai is also getting increased. The economic values and the real estate business in Chennai has influenced the people. The category of people wants to own a house has significant

Real Estate Chennai

The building is being constructed by the builders as well as the individual who is seeking property in Chennai. The Chennai property sale has larger influence where a number of flats for sale can be seen in every corner of Chennai. The environment for the builders to buy residential apartments has become complete quality construction work in property in Chennai within the stipulated time period.

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The commercial buildings residential property in Chennai where it is for Sale of real estate makes the huge difference in the state identification and the sources for the estimated government property. The price of property in Chennai has recently estimated at the peak areas at Rs 350 crore and construction costs of Rs 50 crore.

Property development in Chennai

The Metro of Chennai has a huge role to play in the development of property in Chennai. This commercial property with the adequate use in the Chennai Metro plans in a large scale with the use property to develop as real estate. The major facilities that are included are the complete air-conditioned railway stations with automatic fare generating system, electronic display, announcement systems, parking washroom facilities etc. These notable changes have also increased the prices of property in Chennai.

The highways between Thiruvanmiyur and Sholinganallur widened to six lanes. On an average day more than 10,000 vehicles use the road as s major route for transportation. With the increase in the facilities the rates residential apartments, flats, house, bungalow, villa in Chennai have marginally increased.

Chennai Real Estate Market Overview

Environmental impact of the increase of rates of property

As everyone is in need of property and as the demand is increased the price of property in Chennai is also getting increased. The development of the Chennai Metro has shown immense changes with the short term as well many of the natural resources have been cut down. The flats in Chennai has a nominal price range and middle-class people were able to afford, but after some of the improvement in the city, the flats, hostels and PG’s in Chennai have drastically increased. This has caused a major threat to the floating population of Chennai as well.

Hike in property rates in Chennai

The more income and the famous the city, the more it becomes costly. As the technical and business development has been increased in Chennai, the rate of the land and the building in Chennai has also experienced a hike. The hike in the rates is a good sign for the development of the city but as per the population is considered the price increase has affected the property in Chennai and the real estate business.


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