E-commerce Market Growth and Overview

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E-commerce can be simply explained as buying and selling via electronic systems like the internet or other computer networks. The Internet has become an important tool for marketing as it helps to reach global markets. Electronic commerce allows small and big businesses to capture global market segments easily. The number of e-commerce users is increasing rapidly.

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Various electronic transactions are carried out by organizations these days like electronic funds transfer, e-marketing, online marketing, electronic data interchange, automated data collection systems, supply chain management, online transaction processing, and automated inventory management systems.

E-commerce Market

The e-commerce market is very large and you can buy anything by sitting at one place through the internet. Some products are less suitable for online marketing such as the products which need trials or testing before use. You should be smart enough to decide whether your product is suitable for promoting through sources of e-commerce.

According to market reports the annual growth rate of e-commerce market size is 25%. Analysts have found that a number of e-commerce transactions is more in Britain, France, Europe, and Germany. The transactions carried out these countries are near about 72% of the total market share.  The products and services which are highly sold on internet sources are Information Technology, hardware and software, tourism, real estate, computers, and financial services. According to recent research in USA total online transaction is likely to be more than $130-$200 million. As per Computer Intelligence reports more than 3 million customers have conducted online transactions in a single day.

E-commerce Market Trends

Using a wrong e-commerce strategy may just increase your expenditure for online marketing rather than generating income. Especially small and medium businesses should do the proper marketing plan for this as your marketing budget is low compared to the big enterprises. Try to latest Search Engine Optimization and marketing techniques.

This will help you to attract prospective customers and increase sales. Social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube have become sources to find and attract potential customers. You can use these sites to attract visitors to your website. Try to convert these visitors into potential or regular buyers by doing effective promotion of your products. Provide attractive offers, discounts, gifts or coupons to convert the visitor into your customer.  Don’t make fake promises while promoting your product or services online. Promise only what you can offer so that the customer is not disappointed when he visits your website.

As per industry analyst the global E-commerce market will grow at a CAGR of almost 11.5% during the forecast period by 2025.

The market size and trends have drastically changed from the traditional days. In this modern era, everybody wants to lead in the competition and are using aggressive marketing strategies to promote their business. Businesses to business portals are very useful for those who want to grab new market opportunities and increase their market size.

You can become the member of various marketing websites to reach international marketplaces. Online marketing websites are offering various services to improve your business performance. The advanced facilities offered by B2B online marketing portals lead to increase online users. Online marketing websites are contributing towards the increase in market size of the e-commerce market.


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