Eat Greens For Your Health

Eat Greens

We all may know that greens are very healthy for us but do you really know why they are healthy. Let’s find out some interesting facts about greens.

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From our childhood mothers have always tried to feed us more greens even when children do not like to eat it. We all may know that greens are very healthy for us but do you really know why they are healthy. Let’s find out some interesting facts about greens.  Dark green leafy vegetables are considered as greens they are highly rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, c, k and minerals such as calcium and iron. Greens are good sources of fiber also. Many researchers say that eating vegetables every day and making it a routine food habit will enhance your health and prevents many health conditions.

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Health Benefits of Vegetables

As a child, you may not love vegetables but after entering adulthood we know the value of vegetables and there are many veggie lovers too. Greens are a very important nutrient to humans. It is suggested by the nutritionist that it is very necessary to include greens in your food you may cook it however you may like but it should be a part of your food. Veggies can be made delicious by just a drizzle of olive or you can sauté it for a few minutes to cook it. Greens are the healthiest and a fulfilling food one can have.  There are numerous options you can prepare these healthy greens to eat.

Some of the popular greens which are very rich in nutrients are spinach, broccoli, beans, and cabbage. These greens contain phytonutrients and they have great healing powers. Including greens on your diet can rejuvenate your overall health. Greens contain very low sugar level and a high glucose level which keeps you energized the whole day. It helps in good blood circulation because a person eating greens will always be hydrated. Greens naturally have dietary oils, fat, and fiber so you need not to add anything extra to make it healthier.

Let’s discuss some of the best facts about eachgreen.


Celery is a nutrient in the form of a stick.  Celery is highly beneficial for one’s health. Celery is green which very rich in potassium. It is very effective for your nerves and blood. If the metabolism of a person is proper then he is said to be healthy. Greens are very helpful to increase the metabolism of a person. If you want to reduce weight and if you are in a stressful diet then get rid of that and eat greens which work well to reduce your weight.


Arugula is a green which is used in salads, pizza, and other foods. They are very rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin c.  Arugula is said to have a peppery taste which is very delicious when adding it in soups, you can sauté it or you can eat this as a vegetable raw.


Broccoli has soft florets and stalks which is very rich in vitamin A, C, and K. broccoli has a natural agent which boosts up the immune system of a person and it prevents many diseases. It is rich in calcium and strengthens the bones. This green specifically plays a crucial role in regulating cell growth. There are many ways by which you can add broccoli to your diet you can boil it, eat it with salads and stir or fry it.


Collard is greens which are very healthy and contains vitamin A, C and K. you can add this veggie to your diet in any form. The best option to eat collard is by making it as a side dish. You can add your favorite seasoning to make this green even more delicious.

Dandelion greens.

Many researchers say that the greens which contain slight bitterness are even healthier than veggies which do not have that. In that way, dandelion green has a slightly bitter but tangy taste. The bitterness of this green eliminates impurities and toxins from your body. Dandelion greens are very rich in vitamins and nutrients and it also protects the body from harmful toxins.

Green peas

Green peas are very rich in manganese. They are one of the most delicious greens which are very healthy. They contain vitamin A and k. and it is a veggie which has high fibre and protein. They are very good for red blood cells and it as iron which gives strength to a person.

Important to Eat Vegetables

Ten amazing benefits of greens

Dark leafy greens provide your folate for your body

The word folate is used for vitamin b. dark leafy green vegetables are abundant in vitamin b. there are many health conditions which may affect your body due to deficiency of vitamin b such as digestive disorders and cardiovascular conditions. Folates are very essential for promoting cellular differentiation such as RNA and DNA.

Dark leafy greens can help you to burn calories

We all know that greens are low in calories. But do you know that greens help you to reduce weight? Fats are white cells which are converted into unhealthy fat. Greens convert these fats and make burns them into brown fats which will help you to burn fats. If you are on diet eat greens which are filling and it will help you reduce all the unwanted fat in your body.

Dark leafy greens have anti-aging elements

The dark leafy greens act as an anti-aging element.  many researchers have been proved that people consuming more dark leafy vegetables has less aging effects than the people who do not consume it. There are beta-carotene, high vitamin, and lutein which are present in dark leafy vegetables which keeps the skin very healthy and young. Greens are also very rich in antioxidants which contributes more to anti-aging.

Dark leafy greens are good for your hearth

Greens regulate good hormone production and good blood circulation. Greens are a good choice for cardiovascular diseases because by consuming greens a formation of blood clots and heart attacks can be reduced. It also helps to generate healthy cholesterol to your body and keeps your heart healthy. One of the key nutrients in greens is the nitric oxide and helps to maintain good blood pressure. Homocysteine has been a major cause for cardiovascular diseases but greens convert them into unharmful amino acids. Thus, greens are very useful to prevent heart diseases.

Dark leafy greens to fight diabetes

Diabetes is caused by imbalances of glucose in your body. But as we have already seen greens help to generate insulin which helps to make the balance the glucose level. It keeps the sugar levels in the body very balanced. This green helps to enhance the overall energy of your body by providing the right amount adrenalin. Many tests have proved that diabetes can be controlled and it can be prevented when eating greens from childhood.

Dark leafy greens improve metabolism

In ancient times, humans have consumed greens in their life after many decades they started to consume food other than greens. Many ancient humans such as hunter-gatherers have consumed various greens in their lives and they were very healthy at those times. It is said that animals which are consumed may be rich in proteins but they reduce the metabolism because they digest very slowly. But greens increase the metabolism of people because green easily digest. The greens increase in metabolism makes a person healthy and fit.

Dark leafy greens protect your skin

A dark leafy vegetable acts as a sunscreen which protects your skin from harmful UV rays. Due to the antioxidants contents in greens, it fights skin damage cause


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