Energy and Resources Market Facts and Features

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Energy and Resource is one of the major industry can be simply defined as anything which can be used as a source of energy.  The important resources that come under energy and resources are natural gas, coal, and oil. The role of energy and resources has become vital in our daily life cycle. Many industries, transportation systems, automobiles, manufacturing industries are dependent on energy and resources for producing the final products. Now a day while producing or extracting natural energy and resources at most care is being taken that it won’t increase the problems of global warming and other environmental issues.

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The price of oil is quite fluctuating these days due to several reasons like variations in economic growth, time is taken for developing new oil wells, and political instability in oil-producing regions. Increase in oil price led to an increase in gasoline prices. Power industry research reports and market analysts found that the oil will be more expensive in future and price may fluctuate with inflation in the economy.

Governments across the globe are taking efforts for development of alternative energy to overcome the problem of global warming. Solar power, ethanol, and wind power come under alternative energy. Alternative energy is being used to produce energy at a low cost.  The major disadvantage of alternative energy is that it is produced by using agricultural crops and also requires plenty of water. So this may contribute to food and water problems in the future.

Energy and Resource Market research determined that the demand for energy will increase near about two third in coming decade. The demand for natural gas and fossil fuels and market share of natural gas will increase and coal price will also rise in future and renewable energies will be in much demand. Reduction in Nuclear production is expected in North America and Europe in coming years. Industry reports found that infrastructure and technological development in energy and resource industry is quite rapid.

The use of geothermal energy has increased in various countries like France, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Poland, and Romania. Geothermal energy is obtained from the subsurface of the earth. There are many other ways through which energy can be obtained.  To solve the problems of related to energy and resource scarcity government is making efforts to introduce dost effective and environmentally friendly fuels. The development of industries is increasing the demand for energy resources.

Indonesia has been one of the major importer and depositor of oil and natural gas resources. Geo energy is also found in Indonesia. Geo energy is nothing but energy formed by the combination of coal and geothermal. The basic aim of the energy sector is to fulfill the needs of energy. Energy and Resource industry is such an industry in which many other industries are dependent for it successes.


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