Fashion Trends For Women and Men

Fashion Trends

Some amount of good guesswork is involved in predicting the upcoming fashion trends. You can watch the trends play out and then use them a few days or weeks later. 

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We have mentioned some latest fashion trends for both men and women that will dominate in the year 2019.

7 key trends for women

Tight pleats: Pleats were successful this year. They will be back again in upcoming fashion trends, but they will be more intricate. The pleats will be tighter. The micro pleats will be creating news and features: the latest fashion trends because it will not only offer more movements but due to its expansion and contraction will generate a better fluctuating silhouette. Thus maximum impact will be provided.

Puffed shoulders: Bold shoulders are among the very common clothing trends. Next season the padded, boxy ones will be replaced by a lot puffier shoulder. They are often gathered well at the shoulder along with elastic pleats. In a feminine dress that has a square neckline, puffed shoulders go pretty well. Just hope that the weather lets you wave off a jacket so that you can flaunt that volume.

Patchwork: Patchwork is one of the fashion trends women’s. You will be able to spot this on dresses, pants, skirts, and jumpsuits in the upcoming year. It is colorful as well as creative. Contrasting pieces of various fabrics are sewed together to achieve a great design that is eye-catching. To show off this look, shift the main focus of your outfit on the patchwork by pairing it up with simple solid colored attire along with minimal accessories.

Colored tartan: Other than the leopard print, tartan will also be in news and features: latest fashion trends. It is a traditional print and it would not be worn subtly. It will be donned in bright colors. If you wish to try out a look, then select a tartan suit, dress, jack or pants that will feature this classic pattern in bold as well as unique colors like blue, yellow, green and red.

Floral: Flowers of various kinds are in the upcoming fashion trends. Be it brash or delicate, there will a bloom that will be well suited for each and every taste.

Wild prints: Apart from floral, wild prints have also emerged as one of the biggest fashion trends women’s in the next season. Anything will go with this one such as logos and digital graphics.

Pastels: This are in fashion and the future too rests on it. Pastels do not only look sweet as well as relaxing but also creates a great summer style. Go for lavender shades for a party dress or even a formal blazer. You will look fabulous by sporting such fashion ideas.

4 must-have outfits for women in the next season

Pants and trousers with wide legs: This is a 90s look which is back now. The pants and trousers with wide legs have created the latest clothing trends. They not only look classy and feminine but feel comfortable. You can wear them with crop tops, long-sleeved shirts and look glamorous. Wide pants, as well as trousers, are one such fashion trends women that you cannot miss next season.

Capes/ponchos: Capes with floor length as well as ethic ponchos are in news and features: latest fashion trends. These outfits will stay for a long time. If you do not like wearing those basic blouses or cholis, then go for capes or ponchos to modify the ethnic styling and thus look great. You can also look out for causal and western capes to enhance your look. Add one in your wardrobe if you still have not.

Cropped jeans: This denim style will go best with blouses and crop tops. Cropped jeans are considered to be the upcoming fashion trends because they are versatile and comfy too. To create a modish look, you can wear a pair of cropped jeans long with a well-knit top as well as a belt.

Shararas: Do palazzos bore you these days? If yes then replace them and get some beautiful shararas and create a fashion statement. Make use of some fashion ideas and upgrade your ethnic wear and team up the kurtas with a pair of shararas. Add a pair of perfect footwear to complete the look.

7 key trends for men

Pattern clash: Bright, bold, as well as clashing patterns, will inject great vibrancy to the menswear in the clothing trends. The latest newspaper print can be contrasted with the classic patterns of baroque to create a dazzling effect. Tracksuits are also covered with great iconographic images. Other than these brash logos contrasted with camouflage print is also in fashion trends for men.

Sage color: Several colors will be setting the upcoming fashion trends, but sage is the most easily wearable shade for men. A two-piece suit in sage or sporty pieces, everything in sage is the ultimate shade of the season.

Padding: The fashion trends for men will see an emphasis on volume. Puffer jackets wrapped around your body thus forming a protective layer will create a fashion statement. Padding will create desirable pieces and will create great fashion trends.

Edgy cuts: The upcoming fashion trends will be breaking traditions and shift the focus on tailored pieces. You can show off your bare chest by wearing suits with the tailored edge as well as eroticism.

Double breasted: It is the shape of suits in the upcoming season. Tightly tailored ones are not in fashion anymore. Rather the big, baggy, double-breasted suits are fashion trends for men. The best thing about such suits is they look best when worn by keeping it open.

Unexpected shirting: Stripe shirts that are worn in a casual style have been creating the fashion trends for some time, but for the upcoming season weird as well as wonderful shirts with an edge of high washing will be in the news and features: latest fashion trends. Long sleeves and cuffs under the arms of the suits will be worn by many. Look out for some fashion tips & advice and include the tunic shirts with funnel neck and oversized check shirts in your wardrobe.

All white: The 80s fashion ideas will create great vibes in the next season. The most popular look that will be there in the upcoming fashion trends is wearing white from top to bottom. You can also wear a denim jacket or tailored blazer and complete the look with brown loafers.

4 must-have outfits for men in the next season

Trench coats: Trench coats have been dominating women’s clothing collections and now it is the fashion trends for men. You can wear the one with cropped as well as two-tone and interweave sleeve iterations or opt for the oversized one with abstract leaf print. You can also get hold of the classic one and belt it up as it will create the upcoming fashion trends.


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