Global Chemicals Market Overview and Features

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The global & universal chemical and advanced material industry consists of large multinational companies serving almost every other market, key single market material and application development firms and a collection of lesser, niche chemical and material companies.

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Global Chemicals Market

Research study plays an exclusive role within this industry, motivated by production costs possibly more than any other industry examined. R&D operations are managed as a cost component like added operations within the firms but present the intellectual property enabling fresh, higher value, and hence advanced margin materials and products.

Large-scale & Global Chemical output to mount in coming years

The long-drawn-out unfavorable macroeconomic climate in Europe and slowdown in Chinese and other rising economies during 2011–2013 have exaggerated global chemical & material output. As per the American Chemistry Council, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa will escort this expansion. Due to the cutthroat advantages accruing from shale gas development, North America will also observe slow but stable growth. However, growth & development in Western Europe and Japan, two prime chemical consumers, will insulate behind. Intensification production volumes are to be expected to perk up capacity utilization in coming years.

Global Chemicals Market Trends

Shale gas expansion and commercialization made promising by advancements in pulling out techniques have to turn out to be game changers for the US global chemical & material business. Established shale gas reserves have made the US the practically all feedstock-rich region, exceeding even the Middle East. Buoyed by shale gas finding and enhanced demand from key end-user industries, such as light vehicles and housing, the US chemical industry grew discreetly in past years.

As the US is a full-grown market for global chemical & material industry, it is improbable that amplified production will be engrossed domestically. Rising nation in the eastern and southern hemispheres where demand is constant, although in varying degrees, recorded could be likely destinations. Key textile markets have previously stimulated to the east, while the plastics, agrochemical, construction materials, pharmaceutical, and automotive components industries are rapidly moving to China, India, and other Asian countries.

Global Chemicals Market Overview

Evidently recognizable demand and supply centers could show signs of transformation in the global chemical & material trade flow. Until lately, China’s desire for chemicals was fed by domestic production, supported by Middle East exports. Gradually more, though, it could be served by provisions from the US. This could strain Middle East supplies, which could then be abstracted to Europe and Africa. Further, European producers are also anticipated to come under force from the US supplies.

Escalating Mergers & Acquisitions movement

With finances & assets at their dumping for the convenience of financing, global chemical & material companies are ramping up their businesses. In coming years, Merger & Acquisition movement is expected to bounce back. Shale gas energy boom in the US; flaking of non-core, under-invested resources, and bright forecast in Latin America’s large agricultural sector are the key factors likely to propel this. Buyers will likely hunt for planned bolt-on acquisitions, allowing them to get hold of latest products and technologies, as well as go in new regions.

A Phase of Vigilant Optimism

The US will persist to profit from the shift in competitiveness, which has resulted in growing global chemical & material exports from the nation in the year 2014. Moreover, it will be a focus for noteworthy capital inflows from chemical & material companies keen to jump onto the shale gas bandwagon. Asia and Latin America will prolong to compel chemical demand, while Europe is predictable to observe a minor increase in production.

Also, the shifting demand-supply landscape and global ambitions of Asian and Middle Eastern chemical & material companies will impose the structural repositioning of the industry. Further European and U.S. companies will progress downstream towards the specialty chemical division.

In totality, vigilant hopefulness seems to be the tune for the global chemical & material industry in 2014.


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