Global Microbrewery Equipment Market Feature and Forecast to 2021 The “Global Microbrewery Equipment Market” report has been added by Logic Research and Solutions.

Microbrewery Equipment is a set of types of equipment that are used in the production of craft beer. The microbrewery equipment has an average lifespan of around four years. These Equipment are offered by the seller with warranty and after-sales services in order to maintain customer base and credibility. The Microbrewery Equipment Market is showing substantial growth due to the surging popularity of craft beer.

Microbrewery Equipment Market

Many small and large brewers are introducing new products to increase their consumer base that in turn is also driving the Microbrewery Equipment Market. The microbrewery equipment mainly includes fermentation systems, mashing systems, and cooling systems, control systems, and cleaning systems. The fermentation systems segment is expected to generate the highest revenue among all due to the growing demand for craft beer.

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The Global Microbrewery Equipments Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 17.12% between 2016 and 2021.

However, the increasing competition among vendors and technological advancement are some of the major factors that can affect the Microbrewery Equipments Market.

Segmentation of Microbrewery Equipment Market:

The Global Microbrewery Equipment Market has been segmented into two main segments that include equipment type and craft beer type. The equipment type segmentation includes fermentation, cooling, cleaning, filtering system, serving tank and controlling system. The craft beer types are identified as a pale ale, lager, wheat, IPA, seasonal, amber ale, bocks, and fruit beer among others. The market is further segmented by geography into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the rest of the world regions.

Microbrewery Equipment Market Trends

Key Players:

The Major key players in the Microbrewery Equipment Market includes: BrauKon GmbH (Germany), AMERICAN BEER EQUIPMENT (U.S.), Portland Kettle Works (U.S.), Specific Mechanical Systems Ltd. (Canada), John M. Ellsworth Co., Inc. (U.S.), JVNW, Inc. (U.S.), Mc Kenna Boiler Works , Inc. (U.S.), MEURA S.A. (Belgium), and  Pro Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc. (U.S.) among others.

Regional Analysis:

According to the report, North America is dominating the microbrewery equipment market followed by Europe and Asia-pacific. The North-America is registering high growth in this market due to heavy demand of craft beer in this region.

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