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Help & Support


Q Is my press release will come in the search engine?

Yes, it totally depends upon you, because content should be in 500 words and when you are using quality and unique content for submitting your news will be in the top of search engine results.

Q How do I get more results from an already published press release?

After submission of your news, we will distribute it on different online social platform and news outlets. We also send mail to news subscriber to provide better results related to your specific industry.

Q Does it cost infective?

Yes, you can submit news at free of cost to check it out when you will get positive results you can avail premium membership which will cost at just 2$ per press release.

Q In how many languages I can submit a story?

there are 10 different international languages are available to submit news.

Q Is it beneficial to submit news in multiple languages?

It depends upon the news/press release, if your story is useful for different regional people then you can use to submit it in multiple languages.