How many seats will the BJP win in the 2019 Lok Sabha election?

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Members of Lok Sabha are elected by common suffrage and hold their seats for five years till the next election until the body is dissolved by the president with the help of council ministers. Right now there are 545 seats out of which 543 seats are selected by common election and rest 2 is nominated by the president from the Anglo-Indian community. 16thLok Sabha election was held in 2014 and that is the latest to date.

In 2014 election BJP has achieved the majority with 282 out of 543 seats, which are 166 more than the previous 15th election. Mr. Narendra Modi is the 14th prime minister of independent India from 26th may, 2014. In order to consider being an opposition party, one party must have 10% of total seats.  Right now there is no opposition party as the single largest opposition party Indian National Congress have won only 48 seats.

Although there are no updates yet, however, Let us look at some of the major facts and come at a conclusion at the end of it.

Will BJP win 2019 elections:

As per the recent survey, BJP will lose seats but will win the 2019 Lok Sabha election. An opinion poll was arranged in this survey and it predicts that the seats will be decreased for BJP (of NDA) and the increase in the number of seats will happen in favour of UPA and the Indian National Congress based on the current day poll opinion. BJP will lose its majority and slides down to 245 seats but will win the election.

Congress drawbacks

There are many reasons due to that Indian national congress have lost nation’s trust and is not coming back since Dr.Manmohan Singh left after finishing his tenure as the Prime Minister of India.

  1. They have chosen Mr. Nehru as the first prime minister of independent India instead of some great leaders like Chakravarti Rajagopalachari and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Mr. Nehru was a strong man but in spite of having a great vision for India, he was a poor executioner. He has mishandled the Indo-war in 1947 and also his blind trust in China ends up with Indo – China war in 1962.
  2. Many time Congress leaders have misused their power for their own without taking care of our nation. Indira Gandhi led Congress government initiated several decisions which would have a harmful effect on our nation. But nobody could resist them from doing so and they have earned the bad global image for India, which is “a nation of scams”.
  3. They have used national properties and politics for their own. They have also affected the presidency of India. When Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam refused to sign in a bill of UPA government which consists illegal rules as per the constitution. Then they have denied to support Dr.Kalam for the re-election and selected Mrs.Prathiba Patil as the new president of India.
  4. Instead of finding a new leader they are still worshiping the Nehru-Gandhi family. But there are no new leaders out of which one can be elected as the PM of India.
  5. Congress party have ruled over independence India for at least 60 years but they have failed to fulfill their iconic campaigns. This is the main reason for its downfall and they have lost their reliability with their bad politics.


They have done several mistakes in selecting new leaders and also misusing the power. And during their time the rate of corruption and scam was higher. Due to that, they have lost the trust of the nation.

Mistakes from BJP in five years:-

  1. Failed to push critical reform statues like GST and land bill.
  2. Failed to clean up the tax and arbitration mess.
  3. Not being able to take a decision about the hike in gas price or cutting subsidies.
  4. Some big-ticket plans have been announced with high on promises but due to lack of policy support, those plans are low in delivery.
  5. Still not found the proper way for improving tax administration and electric supply.


These mistakes will be heavily paid by Modi’s Government and people are losing faith in the ‘Achche Din’, Modi planned to provide its people after him winning the Prime Minister’s post in the previous elections.

Major works are done by BJP:-

There are several initiatives taken by Modi led NDA government which puts them in the front position ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election. There are different segments, which is taken by them to strengthen the Indian economy.

  1. For boosting the research and development to facilitate investment in India. It ensures product originality and skill-based jobs. And this idea also received a positive response from foreign companies. This initiative is known as “Make in India”.
  2. Jan dhan, Aadhar, and mobile JAM(Just Achieving Maximum) initiative are acquired for providing maximum value for every rupee spent and for the empowerment of our poor population. Under PMJDY 15 crore bank accounts were opened in last one year. PMJDY is the world’s largest financial inclusion program, which was initiated for eliminating leakage and corruption in the system.
  3. Modi government’s main focus is on empowering the Indian economy through reforms in the manufacturing and export sector. The government has increased FDI in Railway, insurance, and defense along with that they encouraged the loss-making public sectors to be transformed into the private sector. Under Diamond Quadrilateral rail corridor project government started the work on connecting major metros.
  4. India has set off the mission to provide electricity to 18000 villages. Those villages are still in darkness after almost 7 decades of independence. The government has begun to work in long-term structural improvement in this sector for providing electricity to all.
  5. Swaach Bharat Abhiyan is an initiative for making India clean. Under this work, the government constructs individual and public toilets across the country. Several initiatives also for making India clean, clear and garbage free.
  6. Modi’s government current policy is focused on boosting up the foreign policy with neighboring countries. In this policy government convincing those countries for getting the world’s investment in India.
  7. Pradhan MantriKrishiSinchaiYojana is taken for empowering the backbone of India, the farmers. Under this policy, government is boosting up productivity by ensuring better irrigation facilities. Also, farmers are being educated about modern irrigation methods.
  8. GST was initiated in July’2018 as a result of “one nation one tax” initiative. GST has created a single common market with a fixed applicable tax rate in pan-India basis.
  9. Under NDA, India becomes the fastest growing large economy. The last period was very bad for India due to low growth, high inflation, and shrinking production. Started from their India’s GDP growth rate is 7.4%, which is the fastest among all large economies.
  10. BetiBachao, Beti Padhao is an initiative taken for saving girl child and also empowering them over a life cycle. This is a nationa-wide mission to promote girl child education and making them equally capable as men.
  11. Demonetization was the most shocking decision in the history of the Constitution of India. Where PM Modi declared that within 4 hours the 500 and 1000 bills would be demonetized, thereby withdrawing their status as legal tender.  It is a positive move to abolish the corruption and black money from our country.
  12. PM Modi also took several initiatives for new start-ups and skill development and also they have begun to work on Indian tourism. They want to make India a world-class travel destination.

Final Verdict

These are the positive and negative points of the current Modis’ government. They are mainly focusing on the economic growth of India by inviting foreign investors, which puts them in the front seat ahead of the 2019 Lok Sabha election. From the given facts and the way Indian democracy functions, it is loud and clear that the party that will have more power and will be able to prove to the people about its people-friendly policies, will be the one winning the 2019 Lok Sabha Election.


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