How to Write Effective Press Releases For Better Results

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Press releases are short, crisp, factual news which is written in the third person and given to the media in order to encourage journalists/ editors/ newsletters and magazines. An effective press release is always short and sweet. It provides value to its target broadcasters to publish the stories in their programs, publications, company audience and follows the principle of inverted pyramid in it. It can also have some useful quotes in its content in order to attract the attention of its readers. The main purpose of Press Release Marketing is to make the people aware of the new announcements, new product launch, events, market share research etc.

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Press Release plays a crucial role in publicizing business news around the globe. Here are some of the important writing tips for business news that would help the publication to provide quality of content along with the news highlights:

  1. Finding the right platform – In order to find the most appropriate outlet for your business, you need to identify the most suitable website from a series of submission list that would target the right readers of your content.
  2. Market Research – After finding the perfect website for promotion, you need to dig a bit deeper and have to analyze the market conditions considering the certain crucial factors such as the type of target audience, different social media platforms, and content to be published etc.
  3. Demonstration of your expertise – You need to showcase your writing skills in order to build a strong brand image in the market. Also, a highly professionalized and carefully written content is preferred more by the editors.
  4. Abide by the guidelines– Follow the guidelines strictly as they are being provided to you. One must have a suitable heading along with a brief description of the content. Always pay attention to the minute details of your information as it shows your level of professionalism.

Do you know how to write a press release? Well, it’s not that difficult to write a press release report. Following are some of the writing tips for the press release:

  1. It should be a newsworthy story–You content must be informative and accurate one. It should not contain the details which are not demanded by the readers. There should be an appropriate use of words and phrases.
  2. It should target a particular media sector – Always choose a suitable market sector in which you are highly specialized. Moreover, this can help you to focus on your content group rather than searching for all the sectors in detail.
  3. It should contain an answer to all the 6 W’s – Your content must include an answer to all the 6 W’s such as who, what, where, when, why, how. This will make your press release more appealing.
  4. It should use the principle of an inverted pyramid – The inverted pyramid concept is the most important part of the press release format. It involves the bifurcation of your content in three paragraphs with the most important topics like answers to the 6 W’s in the initial paragraph, secondary details such as the quotations and other minute information in the second paragraph and additional knowledge like date and time of the events and contact details in the third paragraph.

A standard press release format contains a catchy headline, boilerplate, city, time and location of the events and press contact details. Given below are some of the formatting tips for press releases:

  1. A suitable headline – A headline is the center of attraction for most of the readers. An apt headline is the one which grasps most of the attention of the target audience.
  2. A perfect lead to the press releases – the lead of your press release must contain the objective of the story and the brief description about 6W’s.
  3. Supporting details and appropriate quotes – Each paragraph should be written in a concise way with only relevant and accurate information in it.
  4. Contact details and boilerplate – The contact information includes the name or title of the organization, its email address, and the phone number. A boilerplate is a short description of the company or the organization about which the press release is being written. It is mentioned at the end of the press release report. It involves the title of the company, its mission statement, the company’s history and the size of the organization.

A sample press release format involves the following elements:

  • Name of Press Release Contact
  • Date
  • Phone Number
  • Email ID
  • Headline
  • Introductory Paragraph
  • Quotation
  • Second Paragraph
  • Third Paragraph
  • Quotation
  • Conclusion Paragraph
  • Boiler Plate

Press Release has been one of the oldest and most common platforms for the business organizations for advertising and promoting their news, stories and upcoming events through the media sources. Thus, one must follow the described prescription of guidelines in order to write a perfect press release.


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