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A pre-requisite of the right candidates for the job is a demand of all the industries. How effectively you are able to prove yourself as the first choice in front of the employer is the real matter of concern. Today there is an increase in the number of companies who are carrying a business across the globe and are regularly looking to hire the people who are experts in multi foreign languages.

To get hired for international jobs the job seekers need to do a strong job analysis of the opportunities he/she gets to work abroad. Getting a job overseas is not an easy task of one day; you must be strong enough in your preparation to seek a position in the mind of an employer which will hire you for his company.

The basic points are having a strong career plan, registering yourself with the consultancy services, carrying out research and gathering the information of the company. But, besides these other important points which are necessary are having a strong CV.

Developing a Strong CV
There is always a big question raised when a job seeker apply for an international job, where the companies ask to submit the CV (curricular Vitale) it is much time not being understood by the candidate. A CV is what which is totally different from the normal resume you prepare for the jobs. The international market demands for the CV to analyze the potential employees.

Your first impression is developed in the mind of the employer through your CV. Definitely; if you want to seek jobs abroad your CV should be competent enough to create a position in the mind of an employer. There are various certified recruitment agencies which provide the overall guidelines for the registered aspirants to develop their CV for an international market.

Following points are to be taken into consideration while preparing a CV for an overseas career:

Properly updated contact details are very much essential which must include full address, the country code for telephone number and correct email-id. As it is the only way through which you could be contacted in overseas jobs.

Highlight a significant work experience in your CV which covers all the specific requirement for the job you are applying and also any special achievements you have made.

Mention your appropriate qualification, as recruiters who are shortlisting you, is firstly not from your country and secondly, your short listing will be through your qualification you have mentioned. If it is later found that the job seeker has mentioned inappropriate qualification, it would throw a bad approach on your side.

Include travel experience or any international assignments you have handled as it would be a plus point on your side because current scenario highlights that recruiters not only seek right candidate through their qualification but they verify whether the candidate is able to adjust himself/herself in a different environment and work culture.

Emphasize on your hobbies and interests as today’s job hiring are not only based on the qualification you have achieved but also what is your area of interest in free hours. This point reveals the candidate personality through the hobbies and interest which he has imbibed within.

Identify that if you have made any professional improvement in your personality through any training you have attended, you can highlight it, as it would add value to your CV.

You should always ask your referees for their permission before writing their name in CV for references. Are they ready for it should be analyzed and correct information including contact details, country code, and email-id should be given?

Finally, how professionally you present your CV is a matter of concern to be get selected for international jobs.


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