Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India

Bosch Washing Machine model

Find Latest Washing Machine Technologies in India. In the contemporary world, the washing machine has become an integral part of the life of human beings. The concept of a washing machine can be dated back to the eighteenth century; however, with every upgrade in years, there is an upgrade in washing machine functionality and design.

In 2019, there were many models released that have had all the essential and latest functionality that an individual can desire for. A gradual improvement in the washing machine was visible that is from semi-automatic to fully automatic and from top load to front load. The latest washing machines are loaded with several features that are not only capable of keeping the clothes clean but can also keep them fresh and soft (without losing the material quality).

The pointers discussed below are a few key features that are introduced in the latest washing machine technologies in India.

1. (a) Flex wash: While people get confused about whether to buy the top load or front load washing machine, Samsung has launched a new hybrid design washing machine that combines the best of the two in one device- Flex wash. Samsung allows its users to use both front-load to wash heavy laundry items up to 21kgs and to use top-load to wash lighter clothes like socks or lingerie.

(a) Twin Wash: LG has introduced the concept of “dual load” washing technologies, also known as Twin wash. The twin wash provides two separate drums: a main drum of 20kgs to wash soiled clothes and a mini drum placed just below the main drum to wash inner garments, scarfs, etc.

2. Clean using EcoBubble and O2 wash:  Samsung and IFB have been using the technology of EcoBubble to provide excellent cleaning without damaging the fabric. EcoBubble aims to convert the detergent particles to bubbles so that they penetrate inside the clothes and help in cleaning the adamant dirt. Similarly, IFB has introduced the O2 wash where washer generates several air bubbles and penetrates deep into the fabric to clear the dust.

3. The next latest technology that the washing machine manufacturers have come up with is the wash motion technology as per the requirement of the fabric. LG has come up with 6 Motion DD Technology that provides optimum combined motion for each type of material. The six different wash motions include tumble, stepping, scrubbing, swing, roll, and filtration.

Whirlpool has introduced SoftMove as its latest technology in the washing machine. The soft motion wash includes energetic wash, soft cradle, power shower, and slow motion.

IFB has also introduced its latest washing technologies like air bubble wash, 360-degree wash, cradle wash, O2 wash, and steam wash.

4. Companies like Samsung, Bosch, and Siemens uses improved drum technology like Diamond drum, Vario drum, and wave drum, respectively to protect the delicate laundry at every turn of the drum.

5. The Bubblesoak and Supersoak technology have been introduced by Samsung and Whirlpool to remove dirt from the clothes thoroughly by soaking it in the bubbles.

6. New washing machines have now introduced an inbuilt heater feature inside the washing machine to control the temperature by using the sensors automatically. Samsung comes up with ceramic heaters to prevent calcium formation over the fabrics.

7. Models like IFB and Whirlpool have launched Aqua Energie and Aqua filter technology that breakdowns the bicarbonates present in hard water to soft water.

8. The dosage of detergent remains unknown to the users for clothes, thereby  Whirpool and Bosch have introduced the Auto Detergent Mode and iDOS mode in their washing machine technologies.

9. The manufacturers of washing machine have come up with digital inverter technology and drive technology that not only conserves energy but also exhales less noise.

In India, there have significant changes in the washing machine industry that provides its customers with advanced washing technology with an improved design that not only conserves electricity but also reduces noise and vibrations.


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