Things to avoid on Matrimonial sites before Going on First Meeting

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Matrimonial sites currently replace the broker, your relatives, uncle and aunt who used to arrange marriages on former occasions. The one who is serious about marriages can use an online matrimonial site and avoid a mediator in the process.

The site is easy to use, and anyone may create a profile on the matrimonial site to find a partner. As a registered member of an online matrimonial site, you need to find genuine profiles only. If the profile of another person matches with the partner’s criteria you are looking for, you may contact him/her directly. Before you fix the first meeting, you need to keep certain things in the mind.

Are you about to meet your prospective life partner? Arrange marriage is the norm in Indian society and nowadays matrimonial sites help to choose the right partner. On your first meeting with the girl or boy, don’t forget to ask why the other person wants to get married. Also, ask the expectations of another person from you. Let him know everything about you for marriages are based on trust. If meeting a girl, ask about her future plans, goals and her opinion on a career. Asking this is necessary for most of the marriages end in divorce simply because the husbands do not allow their wives to work post-marriage. Discuss out her expectations and what she wants to do in the future. But, before you go out for the first meeting with your prospective wife or husband, you must do the needful and exercise caution.

Verify the matrimonial profile

After you receive interest from the other party, do not forget to verify his/her profile. This is important for safety and security reasons. Verify his profile details prior to accepting the interest. You should find out if the information on the matrimonial profile is correct or not.

How genuine is the profile?

Check how genuine the profile of another person as there are many fake profiles. Check if the contact details, the information on education background are correct or not. Match the information with the information on his/her social profiles. You may even use the verification tool to verify the profile if you want.

Is the photograph verified for authenticity?

Those profiles that have photographs receive more interest. A profile without any photograph receives the least number of interests. People upload photos with family and friends, and you need to find if they are authentic and genuine or not. Make sure the photos are recent only. It makes sense to talk to another person when the photos are authentic.

Check with the social profiles

After having found a profile on the matrimonial site, do not forget to check with the social media account. In this digital era, everyone has an account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So, you should check the social profiles of another person.

Don’t get personal till you see the other person

After you have done verification and are convinced with the details of the other person, you should take the next step and schedule a meeting. Chatting with that person who seems genuine is not wrong but do not be too personal before meeting him/her. Don’t get overly emotional to share your personal life with him/her. Take some time and watch the other person. Be careful of what you speak as that can be manipulated in the future.

Meet only when you have confidence

Till you are confident of another person, you should not meet him. Do not take the decision to meet the person too hastily.

Before you go for the first meeting, you have to exercise caution. Even if you decide to see the other person, it is necessary not to go alone.


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