What advice would you give to the younger generation about masturbation?

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Masturbation means giving friction to your genitalia by hand which is possible only through a woman. In the process, there is stimulation and then finally the semen goes out and falls on the floor or somewhere else with a Phatak. Now this semen could go into the woman and increase the burden on the earth. A woman would have been suffering from childbirth differently. If seen, a lot of labor was saved. Both of women as well as of men. Hey, even a man has to bear the brunt of children.

But go back a little bit. These monks must be watching some porn, or maybe the mind is watching romantic dreams of the rituals. And then you must have thought that it would be a little lighter. But this is not the end. If it is light today, then I will repeat the same thing tomorrow. And no event will last. You will get some peace of time. It is possible that you also get good sleep. But these too will not always be available. Now, who should gargle his bed every day?

If you have to masturbate every day, then eating vegetarian food will not work, then now you will have to adopt a meat diet for this wasteful action. So the evil will be wrong now.

It is a matter of address that there will be some benefits from palmistry. But there will be neither much fun nor intellectual intensity. So what to do?

Now just think that if you put this energy into exercising, then at least the physique will start to appear and clothes will also start to fit. Maybe a woman can be found after seeing your image. So masturbation got a great option. There is not much fun in sex, but better than masturbation.

But the thing is that masturbation is safe too. Masturbation does not cause AIDS. And to not conceive a woman, various measures are also not to be taken.

And how much will you fuck anyway? If you gave porn and masturbation for three hours throughout the day, then it was not wasted. Watch a movie Any good. A book can be read for several hours. It may take several days to move around. So they all seem to be overshadowing sex. Doing that lasts longer is wise. Build a house will last a lifetime. Sex will last barely half an hour.

Of all the successful and vigorous personalities in the world, none of them had sex. Nobody said that one should have sex a lot. Do it occasionally and get into your work. Work makes life successful, not sex.

When people read the Gita, it is because Krishna talks about liberation. That is why Arjun shows the right path. That is why we do not lose our senses even in the fierce war.

Masturbation can be done by anyone. But in fighting the right war, the sweat of the good is left. When there is a challenge from the front when the enemy attacks the chest. Then you will stop the blows with the shield or roar with the penis in your hand.

If we take spirituality away in life, then there will be no need to wear the penis. And if not spirituality, what will you do other than wear the penis? Then fun becomes the goal of life.

Remember that people who live life for fun many times also consider suicide. Why? Because in life, happiness is always a little happiness. Life is just a little bit to give you fun.

I had eaten something good yesterday. Where is that taste now? Loved a girl yesterday? Where is that love? I had a dream yesterday. Where is that dream? Nothing is constant here. Everything is flowing. One who understands this will not lose time in enjoyment.

You don’t listen to me But whenever there is a disappointment, remember me. Then you will understand what I have said in this answer.

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