ZigBee Remote Market Trends, Feature and Forecast to 2021 The “ZigBee Remote Market” report has been added by Logic Research and Solutions.

Zigbee Remote Control also known as ZigBee RF4CE provides a global standard for advanced RF remotes that are designed for different type of consumer electronic devices including set-top boxes, HDTV, home theater equipment, and other audio equipment. Zigbee remote Control network standard specifically targets remote control products in the consumer electronics market.

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It offers various advantages such as two-way communication, longer range of use, low-cost, easy-to-implement, extended battery life and it also removes line-of-sight restrictions. The demand of ZigBee remote is increasing due to growing need of low power wireless technology. Increasing inclination toward smart homes and IoT technology is one of the major growth factor for ZigBee Remote market.

The Global ZigBee Remote Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 46.75% between 2016 and 2021.

Segmentation of ZigBee Remote market:

The Global ZigBee Remote market is segmented by geography into North America, Asia Pacific, Europe and rest of the world regions.

Key Players:

The Major key players in the ZigBee Remote market includes: Microchip Technology (U.S.), GreenPeak Technologies (Netherland), NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Netherland),  Silicon Laboratories, Inc. (Canada), The SMK America Group (U.S.), Texas Instruments, Inc. (U.S.), STMicroelectronics (U.S.), and  Universal Electronics Inc. (U.S.) among others.

ZigBee Remote Market Forecast

Regional Analysis:

According to the report, North America is dominating the ZigBee remote market followed by Europe and Asia-pacific. The North-America is registering high growth in this market due to high demand for ZigBee remotes in this region.

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